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We had a beautiful morning when leaving Yarmouth. Sailing past The Needles lived up to its reputation as an equally beautiful yet terrifying passage. The jagged cliffs shined against the sherbert sunrise, but navigating through the narrow passage makes your stomach drop in fear of grazing the hull on a spike. Mads flew the drone as I carefully steered us through the thorny channel. We made it through and set our heading East toward Cherbourg.

Thanks to the daylight saving, we got into Cherbourg with just a sliver of sun left in the sky. The following day, we headed to the marina office to check-in and get our customs paperwork in order. The marina office gave us some costumes paperwork to fill out and called the customs office for us. They were too busy to come to the marina so we would have to go to them. Having to walk to the office was no problem for us; it gave us an excellent opportunity to explore the town. Getting cleared through customs was highly painless. The office was a little over a mile walk through the city, and there is a prominent French flag over the office door, so you can't miss it. We walked in and gave them our paperwork and passports. After confirming our identities, they gave us a stamp and sent us off. After having the exact opposite experience checking into the U.K., we felt like we were getting away with something!

After settling in, we decided to install our new Dometic CK200 cooker hood. Wow, wow, I can not tell you how much improvement this has made to our cooking experience. The lingering smell from cooking is gone, and it even helps the portlight directly above the range have less condensation. An additional benefit is the two lights on the cooker top. I'm a little worried that I half-cooked all our meals up until this point because I didn't realize how dark it was in that nook. We were lucky enough to get the cooker hood sponsored by Dometic, and I could not be happier. Now, our visitors won't be able to tell what we had for dinner the night before ;)

In the Video:

Dometic Cooker Hood:

Reed's Nautical Almanac (We still have 2021 because a friend let us have their old one ;) but here the link to 2022)

Mads Tools:

Oscillating Multi-tool Tool

Bosch Circular Hand Saw

Bosch 150 Turbo Sander:

Bosch Drill and Impact Driver:

Makita Jigsaw:

Bosch Router:

Camera Gear:

Sony A7C:

Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Lens:

Go Pro Hero 9:

Sony Z-V1:

Sony GP-VPT2BT Handgrip for Sony Z-V1:

Wireless Microphones:

Manfrotto 290 Xtra Aluminum Tripod:


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