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Today's is probably one of the most satisfying videos in a while. We finally finished the floor, and it has completely transformed the space. Mads and I were talking, and we both agreed that the flooring was the single most significant visual improvement to Athena's interior. The flooring makes the entire space come together, and it leaves the boat feeling cozy and warm, something neither of us realized we were missing until we did the floor.

In part 2 of the flooring video, Mads installs NautickFlor in the forward cabin and the head. The forward cabin and head proved less complicated than the saloon with all its edges and curves. Either it was because Mads had a little experience from doing the saloon or because the spaces were much smaller, making it was easier to line everything up and get a snug fit.

Since Mads installed the flooring, that meant we could finally install a settee table. I was very excited about this after spending the last 4.5 months either eating in the v-berth (yes, we often found stray sweet potato fries in the middle of the night) or crouched over with our food in our laps at the settee. As I said in last week's post, the settee area is one part of the boat we have discussed ad nauseam. We have probably looked at every table leg available, scoured the internet for every "small space table solution" video, and have gone back and forth for hours trying to figure out what would work.

In the end, we decided to keep it simple with a telescoping table leg. Having a telescoping leg would allow us to have the table up for meals, then put it down and have a significant and comfortable space to lay and watch T.V. So far, we are pleased with this solution, and surprising as it is, it's nice not to find french fries in the bed anymore ;)

In this video:


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  • Sikaflex 221 in Brown

Mads Tools:

Bosch Circular Hand Saw

Bosch 150 Turbo Sander:

Bosch Drill and Impact Driver:

Makita Jigsaw:

Bosch Router:

Camera Gear:

Sony A7C:

Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Lens:

Go Pro Hero 9:

Sony Z-V1:

Sony GP-VPT2BT Handgrip for Sony Z-V1:

Wireless Microphones:

Manfrotto 290 Xtra Aluminum Tripod:


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