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Ditch bag, working shower, anchor setup & propane tank cover -5/8/22

This week was a hodgepodge of odd jobs. Now, try saying "hodgepodge of odd jobs" ten times fast :) The summer is so close, and we are getting more excited as we check each job off our list. This summer will be our first official summer of sailing, and we want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible without having to worry about boat work. Now, don't get me wrong, I think we are both aware there will always be boat work. I might even say that Mads secretly hopes there will always be boat work. However, we've been working hard all winter (Mads for the past seven years ;) to finish up the big jobs; we want to get all the sailing we can get this summer. Finishing the smaller tasks on our list feels like we're in the home stretch. The shower, canvas covers, and especially the chain are getting us closer to the end of the list. Let's hope Mads doesn't come up with any surprise big projects before then ;)

I finished making the printable jerry can cover template. A few people asked about specifics, so I thought I would put it all in one place. I'm thrilled with how the templates came out. In the template packet, there are printable templates, a material and supply list, step-by-step directions, and photos to help guide you through the process. I hope you guys enjoy using the template as much as I enjoyed making it :) You can find the link to purchase the template below.

In the Video:

Canvas Information:

Canvas Cover Template:

Sewing Machine:

Sunbrella Alternative: This is a 100% acrylic and 100% waterproof material. We don't have much experience with Sunbrealla but in many forums, we read this was the most comparable. We went with an alternative to Sunbrella for a few reasons. One, Sunbrella is really hard to find right now because of supply chain delays. And two, because of costs. Sunbrella is expensive and we are canvas sewing noobs. It felt like less of a financial risk going with the less expensive canvas until we're more comfortable sewing canvas. However, so far we really like this choice. The color is rich and the fabric is thick and sturdy which is exactly what we wanted for the jerry can covers.

Hot Knife:

Templating Tarp:

Fabric Marking Chalk:

Ditch Bag

Mads Tools:

Oscillating Multi-tool Tool

Bosch Circular Hand Saw

Bosch 150 Turbo Sander:

Bosch Drill and Impact Driver:

Makita Jigsaw:

Bosch Router:

Camera Gear:

Sony A7C:

Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Lens:

Go Pro Hero 9:

Sony Z-V1:

Sony GP-VPT2BT Handgrip for Sony Z-V1:

Wireless Microphones:

Manfrotto 290 Xtra Aluminum Tripod:


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